noun: hermaphrodite; plural noun: hermaphrodites


1    1.
a person or animal having both male and female sex organs or other sexual
characteristics, either abnormally or (in the case of some organisms) as the natural condition.


2    synonyms:    3    androgyne; Morebisexual, gynandromorph



The phenomenon of flowers has long been associated with women and their distracting beauty when in reality it is a true metaphor for all genders. A flower is only considered perfect if it is hermaphrodite* and if it is not, it is deemed imperfect. 


Flowers are here to remind us of equality’s true meaning. In this millennial world, could we become so distracted by the power of women and forget the evolution of man. 


The future’s hypothetical dystopian is here, where women have pushed so far for equality, they have led themselves straight to superiority. They now rule the world. 


This celebration of the female gender has been manifested within the collection by juxtapositioning bold and sculptural shapes with hand drawn floral prints and gathered tulle. This process of material, form and visual tension is created with the intention to revolutionise the way we see the power of a woman through a hyper-feminine world.


Editorial and Look Book:

photos by Ryan Callaghan @ryanwcallaghan

styled by Kahli McCredie @kahlimccredie and Lucie Martyr @luciimartyr

modelled by Kea Smith @kea_smith_xx